Extremely Powerful & Highly Scalable Digital Experience Platform.

A Digital-Age Experience Driven Platform, Developed & Managed in MENA Region.

DCX Portal is used professionally at the core of many Organization's digital transformations in both public & private sector. With its headquarters & support team hosted in Middle-East it has been able to provide seamless experience to businesses in installation, implementation & operational phases.

DCX Portal | DXP

Worry-free licensing & support plans,
so you can focus on your organization.

DCX Portal suite.
The ultimate toolkit you need.

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Digital Transformation

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The Business
Automation Hub

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A solution that ensures
maximum productivity for your organization.

Stand-out from the rest!
Build unique experiences through content.

In this modern age, content is an important part of any experience driven business/organization. DCX Portal's enterprise-grade CMS Components enable you to easily manage, scale & deliver content to your users across multiple sites & languages.

Complex structures made easy!
simply develope the core of your application.

A low-code Advanced Forms Builder provides you to build the foundation structure for your application. Easily create, & manage database tables, generate forms & build user views.

Powerful & flexible application management
with a drag & drop engine.

Design user journeys, add prompts & approvals or manage system actions all through an easy to use drag & drop workflow engine. See and manage your system workflows as deep as each individual action record to ensure smooth operations.

Easy to use
control center & admin console

Use the feature rich yet simple Admin Console to oversee & manage each and every aspect of your system to build the best possible experience for your end user and your organization.

In-depth customization
to build truly unique experiences

DCX Portal customization toolkit enables you to customize every aspect of your application. Templating & customiztion options remain an integral part of our arsenal as we believe in truly tailored solutions.

Out-of-the-box Integrations,
so that your growth never stops.

In todays world integrations play a vital role in any system. DCX Portal provides easy way to integrate, so that your expansion sees no limit.

Worry-free licensing & support plans,
so you can focus on your organization.

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